How One High Sierra Trip Turned Into Permanent Nomadic Travel

Getting outdoors often makes all the difference, and a long expedition can go a long way to transforming your life.

An Introduction to Simple Fly Fishing

"The lesson that we learn from fishing with a tenkara rod is that we shouldn't fear that a simpler life will be an impoverished life. Rather, simplicity leads to a richer and more satisfying way of fishing - and more importantly, living." - Yvon Choiunard

Vaseline-soaked Cotton Balls

Vaseline fire starters are a very versatile tool and can light a fire in almost any weather condition. Better yet, you can make them from very inexpensive materials from the comfort of your own home.

Wilderness Trekking School – Ultralight Boot Camp Photo Essay

The ultralight boot camp is exactly like it sounds; it prepares you to meet unexpected challenges in the wilderness. Plus it's a lot of fun and the scenery is stunning.

2013 Staff Picks

As we close out the year, take a minute and see which gear our staff uses often.

2013 Photo Contest Winners!

After receiving some stunning photos, our judges have chosen the best. Grab a seat and relive the experience.

Backpacking Light 2013 Photo Contest – Part 1, Information for Entrants

Submit your best shots from 2013!

A Philmont Journal – Part 5

Relive the exciting experience that is Philmont.

A Philmont Journal – Part 4

Relive the exciting experience that is Philmont.

Backpacking with a Newborn

Don't lose hope - Backpacking is still possible with infants.

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