Gear Recommendations

If you’re looking for recommendations for lightweight backpacking gear, here are the most popular resources among our members:

Publisher’s Gear Guide

This gear guide represents my personal recommendations for backpacking gear that is durable, lightweight, versatile and offers a very high level of performance for the cost.


Small, Startup, and Cottage Gear

View our recommendations for small, startup, and cottage brand gear.


Gear Recommendations for REI Members

The following list is our curated selection of lightweight backpacking gear that our guides, staff, and authors believe to be among the best stuff that you’ll find in the online catalog.


Cottage Gear Innovation Awards

Awards in innovation from small, startup, and cottage brands.


Staff Picks

Each year, our staff selects their favorite backcountry gear from the past year.


Member's Choice Awards

Nominated by Backpacking Light Members, these represent the most popular gear used by our membership.


Guide’s Gear Recommendations

The following gear represents some of our recommendations for participants in Backpacking Light’s Wilderness Adventures Program.


Masterclass Trip Planner & Gear List

View our hand-picked gear list for trip planning, as used in our masterclass and member treks.