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For Sale (FS) / [WTS] Durston X-Mid Pro 2
open |  $550
McDowell Crook February 2, 2023 Shelter Systems
Want to Trade (WTT) / Wtt my used Altaplex for your used duplex
Joshua S February 2, 2023 Trekking Pole Tents
For Sale (FS) / 2023 GG Twinn Tarp. $100 shipped
open |  $100
R L February 2, 2023 Tarps and Shelters
For Sale (FS) / Solid inner for X-Mid 1P (does not include fly)
open |  $150
Adam G February 2, 2023 Trekking Pole Tents
Want to Buy (WTB) / Nemo Spike 1p
Scott Wilkinson February 2, 2023 Trekking Pole Tents
Want to Buy (WTB) / 20 / 30 Degree Mens Regular Sleeping Bag & Sleeping Pad
Jonathan Warner February 1, 2023 Sleeping Bags
For Sale (FS) / Prism backpack New, unused large
open |  $275
Anthony Weston February 1, 2023 Packing Systems
Want to Buy (WTB) / Locus Gear Khufu Inner
Sean Thomas February 1, 2023 Trekking Pole Tents
Want to Buy (WTB) / WTB kids backpack, Deuter Fox 40 or similar
Steve Mueller February 1, 2023 Internal Frame Backpacks

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