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Backpacking Articles - Latest

Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins in Backcountry Water Sources

In this video presentation, we dive into a critical topic to raise awareness about the increasing problem of cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae, in backcountry water sources.

Water Treatment and Backpacking Hygiene: Recommended Gear & Supplies

Resources for water treatment and hygiene supplies for ultralight backpacking.

MYOG: SUL Remote Inverted Canister Winter Stove Version 7

Roger Caffin details the process of designing and constructing the newest version of his SUL Remote Inverted Canister Stoves

Episode 103 | Cottage Industry Trends

Ryan Jordan and Lloyd Vogel discuss trends within the Cottage industry in episode 103 of the backpacking light podcast.

Backpacking gear attributes: the relationships between weight, cost, durability, versatility, and performance

Ryan discusses the relationships between weight, cost, durability, versatility, and performance in ultralight backpacking gear.

Backpacking in Grizzly Country

Backpacking in grizzly habitat: considerations and best practices for bear spray use, food storage, safety, and ethical considerations.

Episode 102 | Polartec Alpha Direct

In episode 102 of the Backpacking Light podcast you're going to learn about the origin, evolution, and use of Polartec Alpha Direct in modern ultralight layering systems.

Inflatable sleeping pads: finding comfort when sleeping on the ground

The product category of inflatable sleeping pad is trending towards larger, warmer, and more comfortable pads - with very little weight penalty.

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Our Backpacking Community - Latest Member Activity

Tahoe Rim Trail – July 2024
Trip Report
Trevor Wilson July 22, 2024
3 Days in Harriman
Trip Report
dirtbag July 2, 2024
Walking to Fire Island
Trip Report
dirtbag June 17, 2024
Exploring Shuyak Island, Alaska
Trip Report
Philip Tschersich June 11, 2024
Trampas Lakes (NM, USA)
Trip Report
Alex (he/him) June 9, 2024
Backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)
Trip Report
Manfred June 7, 2024
A Shoulder Season of Life – follow up
Member Blog
Michael Haubert May 18, 2024
A Shoulder Season of Life
Member Blog
Michael Haubert May 2, 2024
Overnighter in Pecos River canyon near El Cerrito, NM
Trip Report
Alex (he/him) April 28, 2024

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