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Cured my foot and blister problems
Gear Review
Terry December 30, 2021
Arrigetch Peaks and Noatak Float, July & August 2019
Trip Report
Matthew M December 2, 2021
Oktoberfest in the San Jacinto Wilderness
Trip Report
Michael Haubert October 30, 2021

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Latest Gear Swap

For Sale (FS) / Hilleberg Rogen with footprint
open |  $730
Peter Cornetet January 6, 2022 Ridge Tents
Want to Buy (WTB) / WTB dry sacks, packing cubes, multi-pack
Alex Godin January 6, 2022 Storage and Organization Accessories
For Sale (FS) / Hammock sleep system
open |  $1000
John Herring January 5, 2022 Sleep Systems
For Sale (FS) / Montbell Thermawrap Pro Men’s M Jacket
open |  $150
Raina Ferran January 5, 2022 Insulation - High Loft Synthetic
For Sale (FS) / Cloudveil softshell jacket Men’s S
open |  $30
Raina Ferran January 5, 2022 Trekking Shirts and Pants
open |  $40
David January 5, 2022 Food Preparation and Packaging

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