Guide's Gear - Backpacking Light

Guide’s Gear represents some of our recommendations for participants in Backpacking Light’s Wilderness Adventures Program.

Here are our criteria for recommending this gear:

  1. It must be durable. You’re spending good money on this gear. It should last a reasonable amount of time and be able to be used in a wide range of conditions without falling apart.
  2. It must have a high performance-to-weight ratio. We don’t want you carrying around features and extra weight you don’t need.
  3. We must have first hand experience with it. We never make recommendations for this list if we haven’t personally used the gear in the field, talked to other users about their positive and negative experiences with it, and are confident that the gear will be reliable and perform well.
  4. The gear must be versatile. We experience wide ranges of climatic and environmental conditions on our trips, and your gear needs to perform across the whole range. In addition, it must perform well in your home areas or wherever else you might be traveling and hiking.

Guide’s Gear

Guide’s Gear recommendations are found in the Gear Shop – be sure to filter for “Guide’s Gear” in the “Awards” section of the Filter sidebar:

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Or click here to access the Guide’s Gear List in the Gear Shop.