Big Sky International Evolution 2P Tent Review

Creation vs Evolution: one of the thorniest questions ever and one I prefer to stay away from most of the time. But Bob Molen’s latest creation is the ever-evolving Evolution 2P, and one I feel comfortable tackling. It is almost divine...

Global Test Main Page

Danny Milks and Kristin Tennessen left California in September 2009 to embark upon a two-year international backpacking adventure. Follow their travels, break down their gear lists, and step into their photos for a global adventure like nothing you've ever seen!

The Global Test Part II: Evaluating System Efficiency for a Round-the-World Journey

In Part 1, we answered the question "What should you pack?" Mid-way through our global trek, we now visit the question "How's that working out for you?"

MSR Carbon Reflex 3 Tent Review

Dropping two full pounds from my current tent weight to use a sub-five-pound three-person double-wall tent all summer sounded too good to be true. How did MSR's lightest 3P shelter work for the Estrella family?

24-Hour Gear Lists

See the winners of our recent contest and download a zip file of all the submissions. Use your favorite to plan YOUR next trip!

Keeping it Real in Bolivia’s Cordillera Real: Global Test Photo Essay

Lightweight backpacking in Bolivia's northern Andes.

Tall Tales from Colca Canyon, Peru: Global Test Photo Essay

Trekking in one of the world's deepest canyons.

MYOG: eVent Rain/Wind Jacket

Turning 2.5 yards of high performance fabric into a lightweight, breathable rain jacket.

Hiking the Santa Cruz Loop in Peru’s Cordillera Blanca: Global Test Photo Essay

Escaping the "boxes" of modern society in the heart of the breathtaking Peruvian Andes.

Minimalist Footwear for Summer Backpacking

Unlike more traditional running shoes, there is no set pattern established and accepted as to what characteristics make a good minimalist shoe. We scan the currently available products and test some out to see how applicable these designs are for ultralight backpacking.

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