Icebreaker GT Series Clothing (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007)

Solid and perforated wool construction make this series of clothing more breathable.

Cocoon Pillow by Design Salt (Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2007)

A pillow that feels real that weighs 3.2 ounces

Kahtoola FLIGHTsystem REVIEW

Innovative snow travel system consisting of an overboot with cleats that click into a snowshoe deck. The design eliminates the snowshoe binding and allows the use of the overboots separately, which allows wearers to use lightweight trail running shoes inside, but there are a few significant drawbacks we discovered from our field testing.

Ultralight Outfitters Lightning Access Backpack REVIEW

Innovative frameless backpack with seven individual compartments you can reach without taking the pack off.

Journey on the Wild Coast, Part 1

4000 miles. 9 months. Seattle to the Aleutian Islands.

Why I Go Light

Trends Editor Craig Mortensen discusses the joys of simplification and describes his transition to an ultralight load.

Mountainsmith PCT 45 Backpack REVIEW

A feature-rich, heavy load carrier, but it tries to be a bit too much for too many people.

Polar Wrap Toasty Feet Insole SPOTLITE REVIEW

Lightweight Insoles containing Aerogel for underfoot insulation.

Forty Below Light Energy TR Overboot and Simple Slipper SPOTLITE REVIEW

An extremely versatile and warm footwear system for snowshoeing and snow camping in frigid conditions.

Seirus NeoSock SuperSock and StormSock SPOTLITE REVIEW

Breathable neoprene socks and weatherproof/breathable socks designed to keep feet warm in cold weather pursuits.

RBH Designs VaprThrm Socks SPOTLITE REVIEW

Vapor barrier socks with a good fit and loads of versatility, but slower to dry out when snow camping.

Forty Below Synthetic Fill Camp Booties SPOTLITE REVIEW

Ultra warm non-slip booties for snow camping, and they coordinate well with daytime snow travel footwear.

Montrail Hurricane Ridge XCR Shoe SPOTLITE REVIEW

An old favorite gets a makeover, making it better than ever, but also a little heavier.

The eVENT Single Wall Tent: Here, Then Gone – What’s Replacing It?

Single wall tents made of the more-breathable-than-Gore-Tex eVENT fabric caused a lot of excitement upon their introduction a few years ago. At last, a nearly condensation free single wall tent was possible. Then suddenly, eVENT tents were no longer available. Now a new wave of fabrics touted as “highly breathable” are appearing in single wall tents. What happened? Are these new fabrics as good as eVENT?

Integral Designs VB Sock SPOTLITE REVIEW

Simple lightweight vapor barrier socks that perform their function well.

SealSkinz ChillBlocker and Over The Calf Socks SPOTLITE REVIEW

Durable and reliably waterproof socks, but have a couple of distinct drawbacks.


A versatile and durable waterproof/non-breathable overshoe suitable for snowshoeing, snow play, and snow camping in frigid temperatures, but heavier than we would like.

Manzella Silkweight Windstopper Glove SPOTLITE REVIEW

Stretchy, grippy, warm gloves that weigh only 1.6 ounces per pair.

MontBell Stretch Gaiter SPOTLITE REVIEW

Designed for minimum weight and maximum functionality, but a little too small for big feet.


Creates a very versatile footwear system when worn in lightweight trail runners for snow or wet conditions.

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