Minimalist Footwear for Fall/Spring Backpacking

The second in a series exploring the use of minimalist footwear for backpacking, Damien explores what works when summer is gone. Keeping your feet warm in barely-there shoes is no mean - ahem - feat.

Smartphone Navigation

Use the ubiquitous smartphone to get where you're going, with details on four apps that support maps for more places (not just the States). All you need do is supply the adventure.

Equinox ARAS Eagle Backpack Review

The Eagle is the Platypus of frameless backpacks: it has some unique design features, loads of comfort and convenience features, and it's a great value, but is it the right pack for you?

Lightweight Frameless Backpacks State of the Market Report 2011
Part 2B – Technical Evaluation – Measurement of Pack Load Carrying Capacity

We “lab” test thirteen frameless backpacks to compare their performance in terms of load carrying capability. We also address the debate of whether a coiled or folded sleeping pad is better for creating a “virtual frame” for weight transfer to the hips. And we compare frameless backpacks with stays inserted to lightweight internal frame backpacks. Our data reveal some distinct differences among the packs and a few surprises.

Lightweight Frameless Backpacks State of the Market Report 2011
Part 2A – Technical Evaluation – Measurement of Pack Volume and Volume Reduction Capability

We “lab’ test thirteen frameless backpacks to measure their actual volume and compare their volume reduction capability, which are important factors when choosing a frameless pack. Our data reveal a few surprises!

GoLite Tumalo Storm Jacket & Pants Review

The Tumalo line is GoLite's most affordable WPB rain gear, yet only gives up a little weight on their top-of-the-line offerings. How does it perform?

Across Iceland by Packraft

Encountering waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, rivers, volcanoes, and boiling hot springs during a difficult but delightful Icelandic summer.

The Global Test III: Trekking in Russia

From the Gulag Archipelago to the Pearl of Siberia: between gear choice mistakes, gear failure, corrupt officials, and aggressive cows, at what point does backpacking cease to be fun?

Big Sky International Evolution 2P Tent Review

Creation vs Evolution: one of the thorniest questions ever and one I prefer to stay away from most of the time. But Bob Molen’s latest creation is the ever-evolving Evolution 2P, and one I feel comfortable tackling. It is almost divine...

Global Test Main Page

Danny Milks and Kristin Tennessen left California in September 2009 to embark upon a two-year international backpacking adventure. Follow their travels, break down their gear lists, and step into their photos for a global adventure like nothing you've ever seen!

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