This product feature was published in conjunction with the Virtual Pack Project from Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2008. Click here for more information about the ORWM 2008 Virtual Pack Project.

Sea to Summit Trash Dry Sack (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2008) - 1

Okay – this one might be stretching things a bit. Since Watchful Eye Designs is not exhibiting at Winter Market (makers of the O.P. Sak, one of our favorite odor proof food storage bags), we had to hunt a little harder to find something that was lightweight and odor proof enough not to pique the interest of a grizzly on a mid-winter wander (keep that knife in its sheath, Bob!). We are still not sure how successful we were in our quest, but this versatile dry sack is as close as we got.

This sack combines a lightweight waterproof dry sack with a replaceable trash bag liner that attaches via a stiffened roll-top closure. The result is a versatile waterproof and odor-resistant storage sack. While marketed as a backcountry trash sack, the same principles that make it a candidate for such service would likely make it an equally reliable candidate for food storage at times when the risk of a bear encounter is low (like late January). This versatile sack could easily do double-duty with food storage on the way in and a handy trash sack on the way out. Available in two sizes: 10 and 20-liter (3.5 oz, $29.95 and 4.7 oz, $34.95 respectively).