JepPaks Alpine Pack Spotlite Review

The JepPaks Alpine pack combines durable materials with a slim, lightweight design yielding a pack that is well-suited for efficient and fast alpine travel.

Ruta Locura Lone Peak Tent & WiFi Stove Review

The Ruta Locura Lone Peak Tent with the wood-burning WiFi stove offers luxury winter camping accommodations at a relatively paltry weight.

PackLite Kayak Review

Designed for remote lakes and streams, the PackLite Kayak is well-suited for those environments and is a lightweight complement to your backpacking adventures.

Paramo Cambia T-Shirts

These t-shirts are made from 'directional fabric' that allows you to heat up or cool down to meet the weather conditions.

Spotlight: ALOCS Kettle

A lightweight kettle with a wide base.

Little Red Wagon GEO Review: Craft Coffee for Backpackers

GEO is a single-serve, disposable pourover filter containing freshly roasted artisan coffee.

Sunrei Headlamp Review

A versatile headlamp with an innovative design that fulfills your needs without adding significant weight to your pack.

New Balance Leadville MT1210 Runners version 2 Spotlight Review

Very similar to the first version, these lightweight shoes perform well for trail running or hiking.

BRS-3000T stove Spotlite Review

A very inexpensive yet lightweight and effective stove. Works great for small-group, overnight cooking.

Steripen Classic 3: Spotlite Review

SteriPEN has heeded our pleas and its newest model continues to offer great water treatment while getting rid of some of the bugs from previous models.

Paramo Bora Fleece & Windproof Smock Combo

The Bora Smock is certainly not at the pinnacle of ultralight gear, nevertheless it is a versatile piece of clothing that maintains breathability while offering warmth and excellent waterproofing.

Jetboil Joule Review – Part 1, Overview

The Jetboil Joule is a high-volume cooking system that performs very well in ambient conditions; however more testing in cold conditions is needed to asses its overall performance.

Deejo UL Knives

A very lightweight and practical backcountry knife. Useful for food prep with good hardness for its price.

Jiva Coffee Cubes

Perhaps a bit more exotic than your traditional black coffee, Jiva Coffee Cubes simplify the process of coffee making and are a viable option for backcountry coffee making.

Exped Airmat Pumps Spotlite Review

An overview of two pumps used to inflate sleeping pads, to relieve your lungs in the backcountry.

Enlightened Equipment Revelation Review

A well-made quilt that offers high-quality materials, high fill-power down, and excellent loft for an incredible price.

True Lemon and True Lime Spotlite Review

Bored with water in the backcountry? Need to make hydration more appealing for your group? Add some flavor to your water, and vanquish any fear of dehydration or scurvy.

Deuter ACTLite 40+10 Spotlite Review

SpotLite Review of Deuter's new clean, yet multi-featured pack - perfect for thru-hiking in the Alps.

Easton UL Carbon 3 Trekking Poles Spotlite Review

How do these 3-section poles hold up to the rigors of thru-hiking?

Mountain Laurel Designs SuperMid Review

A large but still lightweight pyramid that can shelter three to four adults in all four seasons.

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