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The Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD) SuperMid is a large floorless, single-pole, non-freestanding shelter. With enough coverage for up to four people, this lightweight silnylon shelter offers an excellent amount of space for its weight, as well as four-season weather protection. MLD also offers optional perimeter bug netting (sewn-in) as well as a bug tent insert which converts the SuperMid to a double-wall shelter (although you do lose a bit of floor space, and three occupants becomes more reasonable).

Like MLD's other pyramid shelters, the SuperMid allows for a very quick deployment, which is excellent for inclement weather: stake out the four corners in a reasonably square shape, unzip the door, insert and raise the pole, and tighten the corners. Done. I love shelters that are this simple and easy to pitch. MLD has designed the SuperMid so that it can be pitched using a single pole or supported by a limb above using an exterior loop sewn to the apex. The single support pole can be anything from a site sourced staff (limb), to joined trekking poles, to a packraft paddle.


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