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⭐️ I B from WA says, “If you’d like a long itemized list of your failings as a human, it wouldn’t be difficult to draft.  There are people I’m willing to take health advice from, but suffice to say you’re not one of them.”

⭐️ R N from OH says, “I swear your dummer than a box of rocks”  “You are unbelievable lame, all you have to do is contact big agnes, I did, and they are checking into my trails to see if they are using the same patent as when they had golite , how will you feel if they really are using it and get sued? They went out of business over bad business decisions. Why are you still bringing this up anyway didn’t the moderator tell you to leave it alone? You need to see a shrink cause you are so insecure, get a life or do your research and quit being so stupid! I sent you this pm, cause all you want to to is get me riled up. You know your wrong but you think it’s a joke you must really not have any kind of life at all?”



Loves melting Snowflakes