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I admit to some bias in the matter of packs. I am not keen on many of the more extreme American variations with huge mesh pockets across the outside and no lids. I prefer a more traditional clean design with some sort of frame - something that the Europeans seem to have mastered.

However, this pack does deviate slightly from that 'clean' concept, but in acceptable ways. It has two compartments, with the lower one accessible from the outside. It has a back pocket a bit like the huge mesh ones found on some American packs, but this one is a lot more robust and has not all that much capacity when the main bag is full. It is held up by the buckle in the middle of the back. The harness is adjustable for length by means of some heavy webbing straps across the back and some heavy hook and loop tape wrapped around them. This is visible in the right-hand photo above. There is a rather large pocket in the lid. The pack is 'hydration-compatible', although I don't think that is worth anything. There is a sleeve inside the pack for a bladder, but it functions much better as a map sleeve. It has the usual loops for ice axes and so on. And there is a marginally hidden pocket under the lid for storing valuables such as money, passports etc.


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