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It's a hard anodized aluminum kettle, 0.8 L capacity and 144 g in weight as delivered. It looks like the standard Trangia 200244 kettle, but the Trangia kettle holds 1.0 L and is 195 g in weight, on its home web site in Sweden, although some USA web sites list it as 0.9 L. The Trangia kettle is shiny aluminum rather than the dark or hard-anodized of the ALOCS kettle.

The kettle tested comes from, where it is listed for US $19.42. This is on a par with the price for the Trangia kettle on some web sites. However, on Gear Deals there is a GearBest coupon for the kettle which drops the price to US $9.90, with free shipping. That seems a nice price.


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