A Survey of Water Hazards and Water Treatment Methods – Part 4: Chemical Methods

A look at several different chemical techniques for treating water in the backcountry.

A Survey of Water Hazards and Water Treatment Methods – Part 3

Part 3 of this series takes a critical look at several water treatment technologies available to backpackers

A Survey of Water Hazards and Water Treatment Methods – Part 2

Remove, kill, or inactivate? Part two of this series analyzes the legal and technical definitions as well as the practical significance of water purification and filtration.

A Survey of Water Hazards and Water Treatment Methods – Part 1

The first part of this series provides an overview of the threats that can exist in untreated (and in some cases treated) water sources. Squeamish and hypochondriac readers be warned.

Ultralight Baking

After a few days on the trail, dehydrated meals can get monotonous. A bit more variety is often desirable and freshly baked bread is a delicious and lightweight option.

Map and Compass: A City-girl Walks Western Wilderness
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Cajon Pass
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Personal Perspectives on the Philosophy of Lightweight Travel

“Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind.” -Henry David Thoreau

Insulation Measurement

A method for measuring insulation in quilts, sleeping bags, and other gear.

OMM Kamleika Race Smock, Jacket, and Pants Review

Waterproof shells with a minimalist design and four-way stretch fabric

CAMP X3 600 Ski Pack Review

A lightweight ski day pack with a handy, hands-free ski carrying system.

The Perils of Certainty

Making decisions based on incorrect information negates stellar gear and knowledge, leading to trouble. It can happen far more easily than many of us would care to admit.

Berghaus Octans 40 Backpack Review

An adventure racing pack with innovative design elements, how does it perform as an ultralight backpack?

Easton Mountain Products CTR-70 Trekking Poles Review

Does a bigger diameter result in stronger poles, and what's the weight trade-off?

Indoor Girl Takes on a Yurt

Baby steps: out of love for her outdoorsy husband, Margie looks before she leaps and books a weekend in a Utah yurt, THEN learns the definition of "yurt."

Páramo Vista Rain Jacket Review

An incredibly breathable full-zip rain jacket that manages to fend off precipitation without using a membrane.

How to Best Pack Your UL/Frameless Backpack with UL Gear

The advantages of having a lightweight, frameless backpack are huge - but without that heavy frame, the backpack has all the qualities of a large sack. For maximum comfort, you'll need to pack carefully, in a way that gives your backpack form and balance.

2012 Photo Contest Winners!

The votes are counted, photos drooled over, and the top ten are in. Congrats to all who entered - the eye candy was gorgeous!

Hiking Hells Canyon Rim to Rim

Crossing the deepest river gorge in North America with unmaintained trails, poor communication, and a little conflict: will frustration be followed by triumph or a turn-around?

Crazy for Quilts – How Quilts Became My Sleep System of Choice, PLUS A Review of My Favorite, the Stateless Society Custom Quilt

Take a walk through the backpacking addicted mind of Ray as he explains his journey to custom quilts, and read a review of his favorite model, a 14-ounce beauty made by fellow BPL-er Javan Dempsey.

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