MYOG Titanium/Carbon Fiber Ice Axe

Following the Review of the ULA Helix Potty Trowel, there was considerable discussion on the Backpacking Light Forum (MYOG, DIY walking axe) regarding the use of a light "ice axe" in areas where one's life or ultimate safety would not be an issue. The author, Steven Evans, asked specific questions regarding the required length of such an ice axe, the general use of such an ice axe, and what people used in situations where a UIAA-certified ice axe would be overkill, but where a tool of some sort would be nice to have. Such a tool could be used to assist in small steep sections of snow and ice and general up-hill travel in less then desirable conditions, but it would have a weight which would be negligible on one's back when not in use. This project was born from that discussion.

Podcast: NOLS and the 40 Pound Initiative

NOLS Rocky Mountain discusses the process and progress of the 40-Pound Initiative, a branch effort to reduce student pack weights to 40 pounds or less for all Wind River courses.

Komperdell Touring Glove Spotlite Review

Gloves made with Komperdell's new seamless bonding construction get a mixed review.

Fire and Ultralight, a US Forest Service Recon

Ultralight Backpackers Scouting Post-Disaster Trail Conditions for the US Forest Service.

Kamik Viper Insulated Boots SPOTLITE REVIEW

Good lightweight insulated boots for travel in dry snow, but they have some major drawbacks for wet snow travel and for normal hiking and backpacking.

GoLite Ultra Quilt Review

High-quality, 800-fill down quilt with Pertex Endurance “Arid Zone” patches at head and foot is a solid value.

Green Waste? Trends in Retail Packaging for Outdoor Industry Products

Attractive and durable packaging is one thing; green packaging is quite another. The best companies have both. Learn about green packaging and see the best and worst of what the Outdoor Industry has to offer.

Backcountry Cookfires: Overview and Techniques for Cooking Over an Open Flame

Bill Stadwiser explores the practical and emotional rewards of cooking over wood in the backcountry.

New Book on PACKRAFTING Sends Rapidly Growing Sport to the Mainstream

Backpacking Light Magazine to launch first book on Packrafting in June 2008.

Podcast: The Fight to Permit Packrafting in the Grand Canyon

Carol Crooker interviews Roman Dial about his experience with the NPS for securing a permit to packraft the Grand Canyon.

Ultralight Packrafting in Cataract Canyon

A river explorer takes on the Colorado River in a packraft.

Ultralight Gear and Techniques on the Edge of Winter with Backpacking Light’s Wilderness Trekking III Program

The gear chosen by the Wilderness Trekking III course participants and leaders

Golite Pinnacle Backpack REVIEW

The Golite Pinnacle is a replacement for the popular Gust pack and is the larger version of the popular Golite Jam2 backpack. It offers many upgrades over the Gust, but how do they affect the pack’s performance?

A Virtual Pack (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2008)

The Backpacking Light Outdoor Retailer Team outfits an entire lightweight pack for a long winter weekend using only gear found at the show. Join us throughout the trip for updates as we add gear to our hyper-linked Outdoor Retailer Virtual Pack.

Nemo Nano Tent (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2008)

Virtual Pack: The latest from Nemo features two Airbeams, 36 ft2 integrated fly, and weighs 3.5 pounds.

Lightweight Insulated Footwear Roundup (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2008)

We searched the Outdoor Retailer Show to find footwear to keep feet warm and dry while winter hiking and snowshoeing.

Lightweight Handwear for Cold and Wet Conditions (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2008)

We rounded up handwear of interest and suggest how they might be used in lightweight handwear systems.

Primus EtaExpress Pot 1.0L (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2008)

Virtual Pack: Primus EtaExpress Pot 1.0L

Primus PowerGas 450g Canister (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2008)

Virtual Pack: Primus PowerGas 450g Canister

Komperdell Nature Sticks (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2008)

Virtual Pack: Komperdell Nature Sticks

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