This State-of-the-Market report on ultralight three-season down jackets is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1 presents an overview and state-of-the-art analysis of these versatile jackets.
  • Part 2 (this article) focuses on seriously lightweight jackets – those that provide the most warmth for their weight and are best suited for ultralight backpacking and other pursuits where minimal weight and a high warmth-to-weight ratio are top priorities.
  • Part 3 focuses on multi-purpose three-season down jackets - those that balance light weight, warmth, and features to make them as versatile as possible so they appeal to a wider range of people and activities.

This State-of-the-Market Report on ultralight down jackets is the last of three coordinated articles reviewing the insulated components of an ultralight sleeping system, consisting of an ultralight three-season down mummy bag, down pants, and a three-season down jacket.

The complete set of articles in this series is:


  • Overview
  • What's a Seriously Lightweight Down Jacket?
  • Selection Criteria
  • The Jackets
  • Comparative Specifications - Manufacturer Data
  • Comparative Specifications - Measured and Calculated Data
  • Specifications Discussion
  • Jacket Warmth
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Ratings for Seriously Lightweight Down Jackets
  • Standouts Based on Functional Design
  • Standouts Based on Individual Situations and Needs
  • Backpacking Light Ratings
  • Overview of Individual Jackets
  • Future Prognosis
  • Preview of Part 3: Multi-Purpose Three-Season Down Jackets
  • Acknowledgements

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