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An ultralight sleeping system is a core component of an ultralight backpacking gear kit, and it requires careful planning so the components are coordinated with each other and appropriate for the expected conditions. This article is the first of three coordinated articles covering the insulated components of an ultralight three-season sleeping system capable of handling colder temperatures. Such a system - consisting of an ultralight down mummy-style sleeping bag, down jacket, and down pants - minimizes weight while providing maximum warmth and versatility without compromising safety or comfort.

Part 1: Ultralight Down Mummy Sleeping Bag

Part 2: Ultralight Down Jacket (not yet published)

Part 3: Ultralight Down Pants (not yet published)


  • Introduction
  • The Conditions
  • In Defense of the Mummy Bag
  • The Mummy Bag Based Sleeping System
  • Not All Three-Season Down Mummy Bags are Created Equal
  • Is the Evolution of the Mummy Bag Dead?
  • Selection Criteria
  • The Bags
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Sleeping Bag Ratings
  • Standouts Based on Functional Design and Features
  • Standouts Based on Specific Situations and Needs
    • Lightest Bags
    • Warmest Bags
    • Lightest Warmest Bags
    • Best Bags for Short People
    • Best Bags for Slender People
    • Best Bags for Big People
    • Lightest Bags with a Long Zipper
    • Best Bag for Hammock Users
    • Best Value
  • Individual Bag Summary
  • Future Mummies

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