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  • Introduction
    • The Magic of Fire
    • Our Relationship With Fire
    • The Practical Benefits of Fire for the Lightweight Backpacker
    • Fire Respect and Ethical Considerations
    • The Limitations of Fire
  • Three Wood Fire Cooking Methods
    • Bringing Water to a Boil
    • Suspension Methods: Spits and Chains
    • The Immersion Method
    • The Superheated Rock Method
    • Summary of Woodfire Cooking Methods
    • Table 1. Comparison of three methods of campfire cooking.
  • Advantages of Wood Fire Cooking in the Backcountry
    • Pack Weight Reduction
    • Table 2. Comparison of cooking system weights on a two-week trek.
    • Increased Simplicity and Independence
    • Emotional and Social Benefits
  • Conclusion
  • About the Author

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