Two methods for reducing backpack shoulder load have been well known.
One is the load distribution to the lower back with hipbelt or lumbar pad. The other is the load distribution within the shoulder area.

Regarding the latter method, strap design in width, core material, and shape is effective. However, many of researchers and manufacturers tried only significant reduction of pressure hotspot or overall load. So, I investigated the shoulder loading condition that reduce the overall pain and tried to realize proper load distribution using differences of pain perception among shoulder parts.

And in the process, I designed the shoulder pad that avoids the clavicle load.
This pad reduced the clavicle load but increased the load directly under the clavicle region. And the medians of the overall pain intensity became smaller than that for the coventional flat pad. (Not signifficant difference was observed in statistical analysis in 8 subjects, though.)

With the result, I have a firm belief in a possibility to achieve the shoulder pain relief by proper shoulder loading even when carrying heavy stuff.

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【Backpack Engineering】What are the loading conditions that reduce shoulder pain?