hikers planning a backpacking trip with maps and a computer
Planning a traverse of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness as part of Backpacking Light’s Wilderness Adventures program.

Trip Planning Resources

Here are some of our favorite trip planning resources. These are curated by our staff and include products we’ve personally used and recommend.

  • Gaia GPS Software – online mapping, beautiful map layers, premium version, very nice user interface, powerful route planning features, GPS import/export, desktop and mobile versions, and regular updates. In addition to route planning, we use this for real-time navigation on a smartphone as well.
  • Guthook Guides – trail resources for popular long-distance trails.
  • Orbit – a smartphone app used to monitor satellite positions, which can help optimize your use of a satellite communicator or GPS device.
  • Windy and Meteoblue – wind and weather forecasting.

Gear for Navigation and Trip Planning

Other Resources

What are your Favorites?

Share your favorite trip planning resources, books, gear, and more in the forums below!

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