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    Locale: Rocky Mountains

    Companion forum thread to: Backpacking Trip Planning Resources

    Trip Planning Resources Here are some of our favorite trip planning resources. These are curated by our staff and include products we’ve personally us

    Brian T
    BPL Member


    Good list, several new to me. Windy looks fantastic. Another resource I have come to really appreciate and use often is CalTopo. Great mapping, both desktop and app, with very nice planning, much easier routing than Gaia, and some really useful overlay options (including Sentinel satellite imagery, weather, etc.), and of course tons of trail data. Interface not quite as “pretty” as Gaia, takes some getting used to, but worth checking out for sure.

    And of course, there the sites like Alltrails (and here in the PNW, that are great resources for reading trip reports and getting insights from recent hikers about trail conditions.

    Garrett McLarty
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    Locale: New England, PNW, Northern India



    Locus maps

    I see very little on here about them and lots about Gaia.  I have tried Gaia and not found it better and it costs more.  Locus is probably my most used GPS and Nav app, but it is not available on iPhone, so maybe this is why others use Gaia.  Caltopo is an amazing resource, planning, sharing, printing.  They now also have a phone app


    Oliver Fields
    BPL Member


    Thanks for the tips, there are many good options for covering mapping needs here. Often trip planning also includes setting up a trip schedule/itinerary, commonly done in a separate spreadsheet or similar. I created Ambulate to combine both mapping and scheduling of trips. It is still early days, but any feedback would be welcome:)

    Stewart Logie
    BPL Member


    Gaia GPS has an error in its reporting of ascent when you save a planned route. In the case I submitted to them it was 50%. Their reply was that they were “working on it”, but with no ETA. Reading their forums shows this has been a known issue for at least 2 years. Whilst you are editing the route the ascent looks more believable, but be aware that the number increases drastically upon saving. Do not rely on the saved ascent number for planning.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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