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Course Details

May 2022 – updated to include the new Garmin inReach Mini 2.

  • Title: How to Use the Garmin inReach for Navigation, Tracking, and Messaging
  • Presenter(s): Ryan Jordan, Publisher, Backpacking Light
  • Length: 3.5 hours of video content

Course Curriculum

Module 1

!! inReach MINI 2 Users: Watch this Video First !!

Module 2


Module 3

Overview of the Garmin Ecosystem

Module 4

How to Use the Buttons on an In-Reach Mini

Module 5

How do I find the IMEI Number and Authorization Code on an inReach Mini?

Module 6

How to Set Up your Explore Account and Activate your inReach

Module 7

How does syncing work between the inReach Mini, Earthmate mobile app, and the Garmin Explore website?

Module 8

Earthmate Installation, Pairing, and Setup

Module 9

Using Explore, Earthmate, and the inReach During a Trip

Module 10

Using an inReach Device for Navigation

Module 11

Satellite Messaging: Preset, Quick Text, and Custom Messages

Module 12

Q&A Session #1

Module 13

Q&A Session #2

Module 14


Module 15

(Mini 2) – Introduction to the inReach Mini 2

Module 16

(Mini 2) – inReach Mini 2 Setup, Pairing, Activation, Software Updates, and Sync

Module 17

(Mini 2) – inReach Mini 2 Screens, Widgets, and Menus

Module 18

(Mini 2) – Tour of the Explore App