EMS StarLight II Tent REVIEW

Not the lightest two-person double wall tent we've seen, but a good value nonetheless.

Dunham Cloud Contrail-Mid Boot REVIEW

Lightweight, comfortable, and supportive - yes. Live up to all the manufacturer's claims - no.

Redfeather Trek 30 Snowshoe REVIEW

Lightweight snowshoes at a great price, but there are issues.

MontBell Monoframe Shelter Hexagon Tent REVIEW

Two-person double wall tent that nearly breaks the 3-pound barrier but gives up some features.

Lightwave zrO cylq Tent REVIEW

Double wall tent that weighs 3 lbs, fits 1.5 people and does well keeping rain out, but...

Vaude Hogan Ultralight Tent REVIEW

Two-person semi-freestanding double-wall tent that weighs less than 4 lbs but sacrifices in some areas to achieve that weight.

Big Agnes Seedhouse SL2 Tent REVIEW

Double-wall, two-person tent with a minimum weight of 3.5 lbs, good usable space, and an innovative design with some nice features but also a couple of drawbacks.

Vaude Taurus Ultralight Tent REVIEW

Lightweight double wall three-season, two-person tent that can handle a serious downpour, but its cramped interior may cause cabin fever.

Vaude Ferret 1 Ultralight Tent REVIEW

Two-person, double wall tunnel tent with one small door, good usable space, and high quality construction at just over 4 lbs.

MSR Lightning 30 Snowshoe REVIEW

Wanna be Spider Man on snow? Here’s part of your outfit.

Lightwave t1 cylq Tent REVIEW

Although trim in usable space, this lightweight 4-pound tent is capable of handling a storm as well as many four-season tents.

MontBell Monoframe Diamond Tent REVIEW

Double wall tent that weighs only 2.5 lbs; fly and pole weigh 1.5 lbs and can be pitched as a tarp. Of course, there's a drawback to these light weights.

Sierra Designs Lightning Tent REVIEW

Lightweight, freestanding double wall tent with Easton FX Carbon poles. Is this the ultimate compromise in a do-it-all three-season tent?

Exped Vela II Extreme Tent REVIEW

Not the lightest double wall tent at nearly 6 lbs, but it's storm-worthy and can shelter two people and loads of gear.

Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 Tent REVIEW

A 3.3-pound double wall tent that uses an innovative Y-pole design to maximize interior space. The full mesh inner walls are good...and bad.

Oware Cattarp 1.1 Tarp REVIEW

Solo silnylon catenary ridgeline tarp at a nice weight, size, and price but it requires a lot of room to pitch.

Vaude Cross Ultralight 35 Backpack REVIEW

For those with short torsos, this is a lightweight and durable pack, with some clever design features.

GoLite Team Backpack REVIEW

Lightweight, frameless, water-hauling, 3300 ci backpack with lots of features - too many for non-adventure racers.

GoLite Galaxy Backpack REVIEW

Lightweight for the volume, plenty of weight-carrying capacity, and user-friendly features, although the water bottle pockets could be more easily accessible.

Vaude Rock Ultralight 25 Backpack REVIEW

Tough, tiny (1525 ci) frameless daypack or overnight pack for minimalists.

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