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The Jacks 'R' Better Shenandoah Summer Quilt is a rectangular, sewn-through, lightweight down quilt. One end can be formed into a foot box for use as a top quilt in a hammock or on the ground, and grosgrain loops along with the included Suspension System allow the quilt to be hung under a hammock for insulation. It's carefully constructed of lightweight, high-quality materials and is the lightest weight commercially available option for several applications. But top blanket only users pay a small weight penalty for unneeded features.


  • Introduction
  • What's Good
  • What's Not So Good
  • Specifications: Year, Model, Style, Fill, Loft, Manufacturer Claimed Rating, Weight, Sizes, Fabrics, Features, MSRP
  • Performance
  • What's Unique
  • Recommendations for Improvement

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