Lightweight in Wonderland

Circumnavigating Mount Rainier's premier walk with lightweight gear has J. Sinclair Oal grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Osprey Exos Backpack Review

Osprey's new Exos 46 and Exos 58 backpacks are designed specifically for lightweight backpacking, and, at just over 2 pounds, set a new weight standard for an internal frame backpack with a built-in frame. Plus, they're durable and full-featured.

AntiGravityGear O2 Tent Review

This new single wall tent provides convenience and ventilation, plus loads of room for one person and gear and can accommodate two people when needed.

MontBell Crescent 2 Tent Review

Two-person single wall tent with a twist: one side is double wall, so the fly can be rolled up in good weather for extra views and ventilation.

Photon ReX Review

The Photon ReX looks like another one of those little button-cell LED lights, but it has a couple of very nice surprises - and it even works well. Testing it presented some difficulties, but these were generally easy to overcome.

PHD Design Your Own Sleeping Bag

Chris Townsend walks us through the PHD Design Your Own Bag feature online.

Patagonia Traverse Softshell Review

Don Wilson explores the new Patagonia Traverse Softshell clothing, with input from Ryan Jordan.

Komperdell Nature Stick Carbon Trekking Poles Review

With a natural bamboo overlay and a leather grip and strap, these poles have a beautiful and classic look. Underneath the bamboo is a modern tapered carbon fiber trekking pole that is both lightweight and very stiff.

MSR Hyperflow Microfilter Review

A new development in the area of microfilters which is both light and field maintainable, but does it work well enough? There are problems when the water is not crystal clear.

Six Moon Designs Refuge/Refuge X Tent Review

At 25.2 ounces for the Refuge and 15.8 ounces for the "world's lightest two-man" Refuge X, Six Moon Designs now has two of the lightest floored single-wall shelters on the market (and the only floored tent made of Cuben Fiber). Were the design compromises and added expense worth the weight savings?

Tent Stake Holding Power: Comparative Evaluation of Various Designs and Lengths

What type and length of tent stake works best for different conditions? We did the research and have the answers.

Make Your Own Gear: Silnylon Mountain Poncho

This silnylon mountain poncho covers both you and your pack against some of the worst weather, allows ease of movement on mixed terrain, and isn't prone to condensation.

Gossamer Gear Lightrek 3 Trekking Pole Review

With all-new, tapered and oversized carbon fiber shafts, the Gossamer Gear Lightrek 3 is significantly stiffer than previous models. As reigning “lightest trekking pole” champ, how does this affect the pole’s overall weight?

Pertex/Pile History and Products

Chris Townsend and the Pertex/Pile Revolution.

Six Moon Designs Serenity Net Tent Review

A seven-ounce mosquito-free haven which, when mated with the Gatewood Cape, becomes the inner half of an eighteen-ounce double walled tent system.

Montbell Thermawrap Pant Review

This full-featured synthetic insulated pant really fits well, and it’s a great value – if you want or need the features.

Big Agnes Clearview Air Pad Review

Finally - a really lightweight, thick, comfy inflatable sleeping pad. Used properly, it's a cushy alternative to a thin torso length pad.

Big Agnes Cyclone SL Chair Kit Review

Camp chair aficionados rejoice - the ten ounce barrier has been convincingly broken by Big Agnes with their six ounce Cyclone SL chair kit.

Big Sky International Convertible 2P Tent REVIEW

A unique feature of the Convertible it that a third pole can be added to "convert" it from a three-season tent to a "WinterLite" four-season tent. At 3.5 pounds for a complete two-person double-wall tent, the Convertible in three season mode is 2.6 ounces heavier than Big Sky's award-winning Evolution 2P, but new design elements make it more stable and versatile.

Stoves, Tents and Carbon Monoxide – Deadly or not? Supplement 2: Primus Express and EtaExpress

Measurements of carbon monoxide levels produced by the Primus Express stove and EtaExpress cooking system.

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