MYOG: The Incredible Rulk – Rucksack and Pulk Combo

It would be so nice to have a light pulk strapped onto my pack so that I more or less would be able instantly to switch back and forth between pack and pulk. Witness the creation of the Incredible Rulk!

MSR Carbon Reflex 2 Tent Review

MSR utilizes lightweight fabrics, carbon fiber poles, and elegant design to achieve a sub-three-pound double-wall tent for two.

Functional Design Sweetie Pie Bag Expander Review

The Functional Design Sweetie Pie Bag Expander is a versatile, zip-in, sleeping bag expander that can be used singly for individuals that enjoy more space, or together with another expander as a sleeping bag doubler. Two expanders can also be zipped together to form a child-sized bag allowing for an adventurous toddler to have his own space.

REI Flash 50 and Flash 65 Backpack Review

Three-pound internal frame backpacks with great fit, features, versatility, and value.

Stoves, Tents and Carbon Monoxide – Deadly or not? Supplement 4: Jetboil Helios

Jetboil releases its first remote canister stove. Does this work well enough to be a good winter stove?

Mountain Laurel Designs eVENT Rain Mitt Review

At one ounce per pair, these waterproof/breathable rain mitts are designed for ultralight backpacking, but should they be worn over a jacket sleeve or under it?

Make Your Own Gear: Light Fleece Pullover Top

This light fleece top is designed as a light winter pullover for snow conditions. It is very simple and styled as an anorak, rather than opening right down the front.

Terra Nova Laser Competition Review

Prior to the Terra Nova Laser Photon Elite, the Laser Competition was listed by Guinness World Records as "the lightest two-skin (double-wall) tent." While no longer the record-holder, at just over 2 pounds, the Laser Competition is still among the lightest double-wall tents on the market.

GoLite Hooded Inferno Jacket Review

Great value on a super-warm, lightweight, 800 fill down parka.

Big Sky International Montana 2P Tent Review

At 2 pounds, 10 ounces, the Montana is the lightest two-person double-wall tent available, but extreme lightness comes with a few tradeoffs.

Salomon Tundra Mid WP Insulated Boot Review

Ultra-warm, ruggedly-built, waterproof, lightweight boots insulated with Aerogel.

Sigma DP1 Review

The Sigma DP1 is a unique compact camera with a large sensor capable of taking superb quality photos but it is slow to use with some poor design features.

Stoves, Tents and Carbon Monoxide – Deadly or not? Supplement 3: Brunton Vapor AF

Measurements of carbon monoxide levels produced by the Brunton Vapor AF Stove.

GSI Outdoors nFORM Ultralight Nesting Bowl and Mug Set Review

Two nesting bowls, strong polypropylene, ~20 fluid ounces capacity each, about 1.5 ounces weight each and US$8.95 for the set: they can't be too bad!

Tarptent Sublite Tent Review

Tarptent's newest, lightest solo tent is innovative and available in breathable Tyvek and traditional silnylon versions. At 18.5 ounces, the Tyvek Sublite is the lightest breathable fabric tent available.

Make Your Own Gear: Snow Stakes Revisited

After using the original snow stakes in extreme conditions, the design has been enhanced to extend the life of both your snow stakes and your guylines.

2008 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

Backpacking Light staff pick their favorite gear of 2008.

Exposure Lights – Joystick MaXx and Enduro MaXx Review

The Exposure Lights Joystick MaXx and Enduro MaXx are rechargeable lights with excellent versatility for multi-sport pursuits. They can go from the bicycle to the backpack very easily, offering exceptional brightness, light weight, and a weatherproof design.

Lightweight in Wonderland

Circumnavigating Mount Rainier's premier walk with lightweight gear has J. Sinclair Oal grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Osprey Exos Backpack Review

Osprey's new Exos 46 and Exos 58 backpacks are designed specifically for lightweight backpacking, and, at just over 2 pounds, set a new weight standard for an internal frame backpack with a built-in frame. Plus, they're durable and full-featured.

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