Torso Simulator to test Heat Loss in Outdoor Gear – Radiation

Measuring the affects of radiant heat loss to help you better prepare for the backcountry.

Mountain SuperUltraLight Backpacking – Part 4b: Gear Reviews (Continued)

Adapting SUL for mountain conditions, where frequent weather extremes necessitate more capable gear.

Mountain SuperUltraLight Backpacking – Part 4a: Gear Reviews

Adapting SUL for mountain conditions, where frequent weather extremes necessitate more capable gear.

Rab Xenon and Patagonia UL Down Hoody: Comparison and Long-Term Review

New and evolving technologies necessitate a reexamination of the conventional wisdom of down versus synthetic fill insulation.

Integral Designs Traverse 2 Review

Tunnel Tents Tutorial and State of the Market Report - Mini Reviews

How Safe Is Your Food? Investigating the effectiveness of odor-proof bags

How do supposedly "odor proof" plastic bags for backpacking hold up to the keen nose of a Police K9?

New Balance 889 Multisport Review

These new trail shoes have gone the way of the Vibram sole. How does this development affect performance?

Mountain Hardwear SuperMegaUL 2 Review

Mainstream manufacturers are catching on, and competition in the ~2lb tent range is fierce. The SuperMegaUL2 is a brilliant addition to this growing field.

Thermal Feedback in Upright Canister Stoves

Different upright canister stoves seem to work with differing levels of success in very cold weather, and one wonders why. Claims for pressure regulator stoves are especially problematic, with marketing spin being extreme in some cases. We examine just what is going on here, with an in-depth analysis of some aspects of both upright and remote canister stoves, to unravel some critical factors.

Impact of Wind on Insulation Loft

During a winter storm, strong winds can render your lightweight puffy useless. This article examines the effect that compression can have on various types of insulation, and presents recommendations for staying warm and alive.

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