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These shoes were worn by both the author and his wife in a winter snowshoe trip which went 'slightly off-course'. You can read all about the trip at When Things Go Wrong. While things did go rather wrong over all, the shoes did not. Both my wife and I had got them half a size too big - partly by accident, but this allowed us to wear two pairs of thick wool socks inside the shoes. That extra padding, plus the Gore-Tex lining and the Gore-Tex gaiters, meant we had nice warm feet every day of the trip.


  • Overview
  • Field Testing - Locations
  • Snow Use
  • Three-Season Use
  • River Walking
  • Summary
  • Specifications: Manufacturer:, Year/Model:, Manufacture:, Materials:, Last:, Size: - 6, Weight:, Colour:, MSRP:
  • What's Good
  • What's Not So Good

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