Wilderness Equipment First Arrow Review

Tunnel Tents Tutorial and State of the Market Report - Mini Reviews

Vango Tempest 200 Review

Tunnel Tents Tutorial and State of the Market Report - Mini Reviews

Stephensons Warmlite 2R Review

Tunnel Tents Tutorial and State of the Market Report - Mini Reviews

GoLite Malpais Trinity 3-Layer Liteshell Jacket Review

On paper, the Malpais has everything a gear junkie could possibly want, but does real-world experience with the jacket remind us of the disparity between some online dating profiles and the actual person?

Berghaus Octans 40 Backpack Review

An adventure racing pack with innovative design elements, how does it perform as an ultralight backpack?

Easton Mountain Products CTR-70 Trekking Poles Review

Does a bigger diameter result in stronger poles, and what's the weight trade-off?

Páramo Vista Rain Jacket Review

An incredibly breathable full-zip rain jacket that manages to fend off precipitation without using a membrane.

Montane Slipstream GL Jacket Review

A very lightweight hoodless windshirt utilizing Pertex’s newest lightest fabric – Quantum GL. In addition to his thorough evaluation, Will includes a discussion of the versatility of a windshirt.

Andrew Skurka’s The Ultimate Hiker’s Gear Guide: Book Review

Are You an Ultimate Hiker? Andy Skurka’s approach to backpacking.

CAMP Flash Anorak Review

An innovative design makes this wind shell easy to put on and take off.

Crazy for Quilts – How Quilts Became My Sleep System of Choice, PLUS A Review of My Favorite, the Stateless Society Custom Quilt

Take a walk through the backpacking addicted mind of Ray as he explains his journey to custom quilts, and read a review of his favorite model, a 14-ounce beauty made by fellow BPL-er Javan Dempsey.

Mountain Laurel Designs TrailStar Shelter Review

Simplicity and strength in an all-season shelter.

Clikstand T-2 Alcohol Stove System Review

Can 100% titanium justify the price tag?

Nemo Obi Elite 1P Tent Review

Nemo becomes a serious player in the ultralight tent category. The Obi Elite 1P is a cutting edge one-person double-wall tent that matches the weight and roominess of many single-wall tents.

MSR Lightning Flash Snowshoe Review

If unlimited traction is what you want in a snowshoe, the Lightning Flash delivers; it can rightfully lay claim to the title of lightest high-traction snowshoe available.

Sony NEX-7 Digital Camera Review

Large sensor. High resolution. Small package. Interchangeable lenses. Is the DSLR finally dead for the backpacking photographer?

Rab MeCo Baselayers Review

Rab's new baselayers blend merino wool and synthetic fabrics - do they achieve the best of both worlds?

2011 Backpacking Light Staff Picks

Backpacking Light staff pick their favorite gear/cool dealio/thingy-dingy of 2011.

Altai Skis: The Hok Ski and X-Trace Universal Binding Review

For fast, easy over-snow travel, combine the traits of a snowshoe and those of a ski. A short, fat ski would keep the maneuverability, packability and hopefully light weight of a snowshoe as well as the glide and easy trail breaking of a ski. How well does this theory play out in reality?

Jacks ‘R’ Better Sierra Stealth Quilt Review

The Jacks ‘R’ Better Sierra Stealth Quilt is an ultralight summer quilt designed “with the ground sleeper in mind.” As the lightest of three wearable quilts available from JRB, the Sierra Stealth has a resealable Velcro head hole in the center that allows the quilt to be used as a serape around camp - eliminating the need for a lightweight jacket in addition to sleeping gear.

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