Field Testing Air Permeable Waterproof-Breathable Fabric Technologies Part 3: Discussion, Conclusions, and Performance of Individual Jackets

In this final part of the series we assemble the information gleaned from our field testing into an informative discussion with down to earth conclusions. We also present field test data for each individual jacket, comment on its utility, and identify standouts.

Nemo Pentalite Review

A versatile shelter with a unique design, the Pentalite manages to bring something new to the realm of pyramid tent design: a large floorspace and optional full bug protection without a full-height inner bug net. The size, weight savings, and flexibility of this design make it a good candidate for a group backpacking, car camping, or base camp use. So far, so good, right?

CAMP Xenon 4 Pole Review

These highly anticipated poles made quite a splash at 2011 ORWM. The Xenon 4 Trekking Poles are light, compact, easy to use and reasonably priced. How did they stand up to testing?

Field Testing Air Permeable Waterproof-Breathable Fabric Technologies – Part 2: Are There Detectable Differences Under Real World Backpacking Conditions?

Manufacturers make lofty claims for the enhanced breathability of the new fabrics. I tested ten jackets under challenging and forgiving backpacking-type conditions, while recording temperature and humidity inside and outside the jackets, and reported my findings. Perhaps I didn’t experience “air and water vapor permeability so shocking you’ll swear it's magic,” but I did identify some standouts and some promising trends of interest to backpackers.

MSR Twin Brothers Shelter Review

On paper, the palatial space and bare-essentials engineering of this tent make it appear like a dream come true for ultralight group travel. How does it actually perform in the real world?

Jetboil Flash Cooking System Review

The Flash is basically a flashier PCS and will eventually replace it.

Jetboil Sol Ti Premium Cooking System Review

Jetboil’s lightest and most technically advanced integrated canister fuel cooking system.

Monatauk Gnat Titanium Stove Review

The lightest canister fuel stove in the world.

Jetboil Sol Advanced Cooking System Review

Same features, nearly the same performance, and less expensive than the Sol Ti Premium Cooking System.

Primus Eta Solo Cooking System Review

An integrated stove from Primus similar to the Jetboil PCS, with a few design improvements but similar performance.

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