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The Pacerpoles are the heaviest carbon fiber poles that we've reviewed. Are they worth it? It depends on where you are hiking. The innovative grip design allows you to propel yourself over level terrain with ease and in a manner where the weight is hardly noticeable (when used correctly). The grips allow you to securely hold the poles with minimum effort, your hands seem to curve naturally around it. The molded grips are also where the majority of the Pacerpoles' excess weight is found. They also limit the poles' usefulness in steeper terrain and require a slight learning curve to get used to. The poles are rock solid with an aluminum upper section and a carbon fiber lower section giving excellent stiffness and stability.


  • Introduction
  • What's Good
  • What's Not So Good
  • Specifications: Year/Model, Style , Shaft Material, Tips, Grips, Grip Size, Weight Per Pole , Pole Lengths Available, Baskets, Basket Type, MSRP
  • Performance
  • What's Unique
  • Recommendations for Improvement

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