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The challenge came when Backpacking Light Publisher, Ryan Jordan, sent me 5 yards of spinnaker fabric with instructions to 'see what I could do with it.' Since we have already converted a down sleeping bag into a SuperUltraLight top bag, constructing a SUL pack and tarp will complete the "Big Three." In this article, the first in a series of four, I go over the technique used to efficiently allocate the 5 yards of spinnaker with very little waste so that a pack and tarp can be made, and there is even enough material left over for a stuff sack. Other than the single piece of spinnaker (sized as sold in the Backpacking Light store), the only other supplies required are a few notions - which is what small sewing supplies like buttons, needles and thread are called in the sewing world - and a small piece of heavier fabric to reinforce the pack's backpanel. Part 1 of this series includes the materials list for each of the components; the construction of the SUL tarp, pack, and stuff sack will each be covered in the subsequent articles. The finished weights of the masterpieces you'll be creating are: pack - 3.1 ounces, tarp - 6.3 ounces, and stuff sack - 0.2 ounces. ARTICLE OUTLINE
  • Overview
  • Design Elements
  • Make Your Own Pattern
  • Recommended Materials
  • Transferring the Pattern
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