Make Your Own Gear Sewing Primer: Sewing Machine Setup

Sewing machine setup instructions with photos, and tips for sewing lightweight fabrics.

CW-X Sport Support Bra and Firm Support Bra REVIEW

Good looking, quality construction, supportive - and comfortable too?

Stove Windscreen Dynamics and Design: Part II
Practical Applications for the Field

Have you tried a double windscreen to maintain alcohol and fuel tab stove performance in the wind? It really works, and one piece doubles as a GearSheet.

Mini Bull Designs Sketti Stove REVIEW

Powerful, dead easy to light, sturdy alcohol stove - just be careful lifting a pot off before it burns out.

Stove Windscreen Dynamics and Design: Part I
Wind Effects on Stove Performance

The theory (Bernoulli Effect, laminar and turbulent flow) behind how wind affects backcountry cooking.

Oware Poncho/Tarp REVIEW

The lightest silnylon poncho/tarp we have reviewed, but also the shortest.

Oware Silnylon Rain Chaps REVIEW

Lightweight (3 oz), simple, and long.

Water Weight Gain and Drying Characteristics of Lightweight Hiking Shoes after Submersion

How fast do popular lightweight hiking shoes dry after a thorough soaking?


Slick, two-person inflatable single wall tent.

Patagonia Micropuff Vest REVIEW

Simple, lofty and light - to be replaced fall '06 with a heavier version - too bad.

Drying Characteristics of Select Lightweight Down and Synthetic Insulated Tops

Loft recovery and water weight gain measurements of select down and synthetic tops after a thorough soaking.

Western Mountaineering Flash Vest REVIEW

The lightest down vest on the market, with a full zip but no neck coverage.

Jacks ‘R’ Better JRB Down Hood REVIEW

Seals perfectly with the head opening in the JRB poncho quilts and has lots of puff for the weight, but the non-adjustable neck opening can let in drafts when it is used for sleeping.

Innovations by Fin Finbar Hood REVIEW

A big (almost 7-ounce), synthetic hood for cold weather.

Jacks ‘R’ Better JRB Down Sleeves REVIEW

Lightweight, stand-alone down sleeves to pair with a vest or wearable poncho quilt.

Make Your Own Gear: The Micro Z-Stand Pot Support

Using Backpacking Light Titanium Alloy UltraRods to build a sturdy, and now heat resistant, sub-0.20 oz (5.7 g) Z-Stand pot support for alcohol and solid fuel stoves.

Make Your Own Gear: Transforming a Mummy Sleeping Bag into an Arc Top Bag

Complete step-by-step instructions on how to convert a mummy bag to an arc quilt.

Outdoor Research Nimbus Sombrero REVIEW

A warm weather, wide coverage, rain hat from the makers of the classic Seattle Sombrero.

Outdoor Research Women Cloudburst Hat REVIEW

Outdoor Research Women introduces a lightweight, warm weather, sun and rain hat.

Boy Scout Gear List: Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico, Summer

Philmont Guidebook to Adventure: "Remember, the key to successful backpacking is to go lightly."

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