This article started life when some Backpacking Light Forum readers were considering the proposal for Ryan Jordan, our Publisher, to go on a three day walk in the snow with SuperUltraLight gear – a baseweight of under 5 pounds (2.27 kg). The conclusion was that he should use a remote canister stove. However, there were concerns about the weight of the stoves, and several Backpacking Light Forum readers offered ways to trim the weight of some models. Mike Martin showed very elegantly what could be done to an MSR WindPro, and Bill Fornshell staged a double tour de force, first with a Coleman Xtreme, then with bits from a couple of stoves. Another walker has shown what can be done with an MSR Pocket Rocket. A means of using the very light Powermax canister with screw-thread stoves is also shown – although the connections are designed to be incompatible for serious safety reasons. Finally, we discuss some problems which can occur in the snow with some modified stoves.


  • Introduction
  • Disclaimer
  • Using a Canister Stove in the Snow
  • Putting the Coleman Xtreme on a Diet – Bill Fornshell
  • Putting an MSR Wind pro on a Diet – Mike Martin
  • Son of Balrog – Bill Fornshell
  • Converting an MSR Pocket Rocket - Tony Beasley
  • Putting a Screw-Thread Connection on a Powermax Canister – Roger Caffin
  • Problems Encountered with Inverted Canisters
  • Conclusion

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