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This pole has it all; carbon fiber, antishock joints, 3 collapsible sections, comfortable straps and many basket options. And it has a price tag - $179 - that reflects its top of the line features. Does this combination of top end features result in top end performance? I hiked over 800 miles with these poles this year to find out. Somebody's got to do it. Ken Knight also completed a review of a similar pole, the [link] Komperdell C3 Duolock which lacks the antishock features of the Airshock, but is otherwise identical.


  • Introduction
  • What’s Good
  • What’s Not So Good
  • Specifications: Year/Model, Style, Shaft Material, Tips, Grips, Grip Size, Weight per pole, Pole Length, Baskets Included?, Basket Type, MSRP
  • Performance
  • What’s Unique
  • Recommendations for Improvement

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