Big Agnes Cyclone SL Chair Kit Review

Camp chair aficionados rejoice - the ten ounce barrier has been convincingly broken by Big Agnes with their six ounce Cyclone SL chair kit.

Big Sky International Convertible 2P Tent REVIEW

A unique feature of the Convertible it that a third pole can be added to "convert" it from a three-season tent to a "WinterLite" four-season tent. At 3.5 pounds for a complete two-person double-wall tent, the Convertible in three season mode is 2.6 ounces heavier than Big Sky's award-winning Evolution 2P, but new design elements make it more stable and versatile.

Stoves, Tents and Carbon Monoxide – Deadly or not? Supplement 2: Primus Express and EtaExpress

Measurements of carbon monoxide levels produced by the Primus Express stove and EtaExpress cooking system.

Gossamer Gear The One Shelter REVIEW

The One optimizes light weight, roominess, features, convenience, and weather/bug protection in a seventeen ounce single wall tent.

Make Your Own Gear: Wide-Brimmed Rain Hat

Complete instructions to construct a 2.8 ounce (size L), waterproof, wide-brimmed hat.

Rab Top Bag AR Review

An old favorite gets some important upgrades and stands out as a great value for an ultralight 30 °F sleeping bag.

SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker – Full Review

Does this highly anticipated technological breakthrough live up to the hype?

Garmin Colorado 400t Handheld Color Mapping GPS – REVIEW

Garmin's latest mapping GPS has a large, high-resolution display, streamlined controls (including the new "Rock 'n Roller" input wheel), and topographic maps for the entire United States at 1:100K scale. In many ways, it represents an advance in handheld GPS for the general consumer...but it appears to have missed the mark for lightweight backpacking.

MYOG Titanium/Carbon Fiber Ice Axe

Following the Review of the ULA Helix Potty Trowel, there was considerable discussion on the Backpacking Light Forum (MYOG, DIY walking axe) regarding the use of a light "ice axe" in areas where one's life or ultimate safety would not be an issue. The author, Steven Evans, asked specific questions regarding the required length of such an ice axe, the general use of such an ice axe, and what people used in situations where a UIAA-certified ice axe would be overkill, but where a tool of some sort would be nice to have. Such a tool could be used to assist in small steep sections of snow and ice and general up-hill travel in less then desirable conditions, but it would have a weight which would be negligible on one's back when not in use. This project was born from that discussion.

MYOG – A Winter Canister Stove using your Summer Upright Stove and the Brunton Stove Stand

The Brunton Stove Stand is a nice bit of engineering, but is it really of any use? Oh yes: it can be turned into a neat winter stove with just a little DIY effort.

GoLite Ultra Quilt Review

High-quality, 800-fill down quilt with Pertex Endurance “Arid Zone” patches at head and foot is a solid value.

2008 LuxuryLite Big Survival Stik Walking Staff REVIEW

This is a modern version of the traditional hardwood walking staff. Made of carbon fiber, it is much stronger and more robust than even the stiffest of trekking poles. It has an adjustable hand strap, breaks down into sections, and can even be converted into a “trail defense system".

Make Your Own Gear: Titanium Snow Stakes

Lightweight and stable titanium snow anchors that are easy to make

Golite Pinnacle Backpack REVIEW

The Golite Pinnacle is a replacement for the popular Gust pack and is the larger version of the popular Golite Jam2 backpack. It offers many upgrades over the Gust, but how do they affect the pack’s performance?

Make Your Own Gear: Shell Top

In "Notes from the Field - Bushwhacking Shell" I discussed commercial shirts and a shell top I make for myself and my wife. Instructions for making my design are given here.

Post-Trip Assessment of Lightweight Gear for Long Distance Hiking

The gear list we took to France for 3 months is evaluated after our return

Make Your Own Gear – Trousers

In ‘Notes from the Field - Bushwhacking Gear - Trousers’ I discussed commercial trousers and some I make for myself and my wife. Instructions for making my design are given here.

A Custom Backpack – Designed by You

I worked with R2 Packs to design and build my dream pack, and report on my experience.

2007 Hennessy Hyperlight Backpacker A-Sym Hammock REVIEW

The Hennessy Hyperlight Backpacker A-Sym hammock is a refined backpacking hammock that incorporates full rain and bug protection, and has a convenient entry/exit system.

Garmin eTrex Vista HCx GPS REVIEW

With the addition of a new ‘H’ high sensitivity receiver, the Garmin eTrex Vista HCx GPS sets a new benchmark for GPS performance in difficult reception areas

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