In the original Make Your Own Gear: Titanium Snow Stakes article, two different sorts of snow stakes were presented: angles and 'deadman anchors'. These were both made from 0.5 mm thick 6Al-4V titanium alloy sheet. These have been used very successfully under a range of conditions and found to hold very well. However, under extreme conditions of sustained wind, a failure mode was found whereby the guy ropes could fret against the edge of the very hard titanium sheet and wear through. This happened even with Spectra string guy ropes. Fretting of the string never seems to happen with aluminum stakes because the aluminum is much softer, and if anything will often abrade before a hard synthetic string does.


  • Overview
  • Extreme Conditions
  • The Modification - in Principle
  • The Modification - Technical Details
  • Attaching a Guy Rope to the Tent
  • Use of Stakes in the Snow
  • Holding Power of Stakes

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