GoLite calls it a hooded down jacket, but it's a down parka by my definition - it has an attached insulated hood, and the body is long enough to cover the bum. A jacket normally comes to the waist. Semantics aside, the Inferno is an ultra-warm down parka, intended for serious winter cold. It's the right class of warmth for those of us who love to get out in winter cold, and even (gasp!) snow camp in mid-winter, but it's simply too heavy and too warm for three-season backpacking.

The Inferno is insulated with 800 fill down with sewn-through construction in a horizontal six-inch quilted pattern to hold the down in place. I measured its double layer loft at four inches across the body and sleeves.

It has a relaxed fit, with enough room inside to wear it over a heavy base layer and lightweight insulated jacket to provide even more warmth. The hood is roomy enough to wear over a climbing helmet and has three adjustors to close it in around the face. Sleeves are extra long and have Velcro adjustors on the cuffs.


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