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To borrow from author Dan Jenkins, the Petzl MYO XP is almost dead solid perfect. This high-output LED headlamp is very bright and in two innovative triumphs, offers a turbo-like boost mode and an optical diffuser to tame the pencil beam into a soft floodlight. It has other nice features as well, but lacks a few features making it not...quite...perfect.


  • Introduction
    • What's Good
    • What's Not so Good
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Manufacturer, Year/Model, Type, Weight, Batteries, Regulated?, Immersible?, Headstrap, Modes, Features, Battery Life Claims, Beam distance Claims, MSRP
  • Overview
  • Design and Construction
    • Controls and Operation
    • Lamphead
    • Battery Box and Power Cable
    • Headstrap
  • Performance
    • TABLE: Output Intensity
    • GRAPH: Run Times
    • In the Field
    • Batteries, and Realistic Run Times
  • Assessment
  • Value
  • What's Unique
  • Recommendations for Improvement
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    # PHOTOS: 10
    # TABLES: 2
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