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Although the Suunto X9 was hyped as the "next great thing," we had significant complaints about this wrist-mounted GPS unit (see our review here). Sure it was lighter than anything else, but the X9 took consistently longer to get a GPS fix and had less reliable GPS fix acquisition in difficult situations compared to a handheld unit. It was difficult to use and had poor battery life. The extensively revised and improved X9i has made major improvements in some of those areas, but little change in others.


  • Introduction
  • Test Conclusions for the new X9i and Topo! Interface
  • What Worked
  • What Didn't Work
  • Conclusions
  • TABLE. Specifications and Features: Weight, Size, Battery Type, Barometric Altimeter, Electronic Compass, WAAS Enabled, Screen Resolution, Screen Size, Display Type, Auto Locate GPS Fix, Cold GPS Fix, Warm GPS Fix, Waypoint/Route Memory, Trackpoints, Additional Memory, Additional Memory Type, Computer Interface, Basemaps, Additional Maps, Water Resistance, Celestial Info, Included Equipment, MSRP

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