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At just over 3 pounds, the Hilleberg Akto is lightweight for a four-season solo tent. The Akto provides comfortable living space and a generous vestibule for weather-protected gear storage and cooking. The inner tent pitches with the outer tent, keeping things dry during set up. Good ventilation is provided, and stability in high winds and rain protection are excellent, but it's not well-suited to every condition.


  • Overview
    • In Brief
  • TABLE. Specifications: Year/Model, Style, Fabric Description, Pole Material, Weight Full Package, Weight Minimum Package, Floor/Vestibule Area, Floor Area/Backpacking Light Minimum Weight Ratio, Dimensions, MSRP
  • Features
    • Usable Features / Ease of Use
    • Weight / Sizing
    • Usable Space
  • Performance
    • Wind Stability
    • Storm Protection
    • Ventilation / Condensation Resistance
    • Insect Protection
    • Durability
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