The Journey’s End: Summarizing 4000 Miles Along the Wild Coast (Podcast)

A few weeks after completing their 4000-mile journey by foot, ski and packraft from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands, Erin and Hig share a tale of a destructive bear encounter, their favorite gear, future plans, and why being good at transitions was a vital ingredient to the trip's success.

Mountain Magic on the Pyrenean High Route

Backpacking Light member David McClure's forty-two-day traverse of the French/Spanish border mountains.

Podcast: Carol Crooker Puts Waterproof Footwear to the Allegheny Test

Four footwear systems in as many days: Carol does her best to get cold feet.

Paramo Waterproof Directional Clothing

Waterproof clothing without coatings or membranes: how they do it and how it works.

Podcast: Journey on the Wild Coast – Raising an Adventurer

Erin and Hig's mothers weigh in with childhood anecdotes that give us a glimpse of young explorers in the making.

Wanderlust: Backcountry Meandering with My Family in the Wallowa Mountains

Join Regina WB for her annual family trek to Blue Lake in the Eagle Cap Wilderness, Wallowa Mountains.

State of the Market Report: Single Wall Tents (2008)

Veteran gear editors Chris Townsend and Will Rietveld unlock the mystique of the single wall tent - identifying their advantages and disadvantages, evaluating designs and technologies, listing specifications on the lightest ones available, picking their favorites for a range of applications, and speculating on future trends.

PODCAST: Journey on the Wild Coast – Vacation Spots for the Adventurous

Got a week (or two) and a taste for adventure? Hig Higman and Erin McKittrick highlight hidden gems along the coast from Seattle to the Alaska Peninsula.

PODCAST: Journey on the Wild Coast – The Newlywed Game

Erin and Hig take part in Backpacking Light's version of the Newlywed Game and reveal themselves to us.

Track Notes for the GR52 in France

Roger Caffin leaves the GR5 behind and takes the GR52 to the Mediterranean Sea.

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