Jacks ‘R’ Better JRB Down Hood SPOTLITE REVIEW

Simple hood that mates with the No Sniveller quilt.

Jacks ‘R’ Better JRB Down Sleeves SPOTLITE REVIEW

Sleeves that can be worn under the No Sniveller wearable quilt or with a vest.

AntiGravityGear Universal Alcohol Stove Accessory Pack SPOTLITE REVIEW

The primer pan is the darling of this set.

Mini Bull Designs Sketti Stove SPOTLITE REVIEW

Robust and powerful alcohol stove that doesn't require a pot stand.

2005 Lightweight Down Jackets Review Summary and Gear Guide Overview

We rate and compare the lightest down jackets on the market based on our measurements and their performance in the field.

Mountainsmith Fusion 35 Backpack SPOTLITE REVIEW

You won't see this one in stores, or on the Mountainsmith website yet. We take a first look at a super comfortable and well designed alpine/snow sport backpack; a precursor to our full review.

Crescent Moon Booties SPOTLITE REVIEW

This snowshoeing accessory adds warmth and water resistance to any shoe, without adding much weight. Will their one-size offering fit your shoes?

Feathered Friends Hyperion Jacket (Epic Shell) SPOTLITE REVIEW

Weather resistant Epic shell, good loft, great price - but heavier than the lightest down jackets of similar loft.


Lofty, 9.6 ounce hooded down sweater.

Patagonia Down Sweater SPOTLITE REVIEW

New full-zip 11 ounce down sweater.

NOLS Sees the Light

National Outdoor Leadership School, GoLite, and Backpacking Light Magazine Team Up to Take Ultralight Backpacking Education Mainstream

Redfeather Trek 30 Snowshoe SPOTLITE REVIEW

Value priced aluminum-framed snowshoes.

Redfeather Alpine 30 Snowshoe SPOTLITE REVIEW

Tapered snowshoes for multi-purpose use.

Notes from the Field: SuperUltraLight Bushwhacking in the Canyons of Grand Gulch, Utah

Can a SUL pack survive intense bushwhacking?

2005 GoLite Wisp Wind Shirt SPOTLITE REVIEW

Only 2.8 ounces, fits well, but limited utility.

2005 Lightweight Rainwear Review Summary and Gear Guide Overview

Woven waterproof/breathable rainwear weights are dropping as technology improves.

Notes from the Field: SuperUltraLight Hammocking on the Black Forest Trail in Pennsylvania

Perspectives from the Black Forest Trail in Pennsylvania, with commentary on gear and techniques to stay warm in a hammock with less than five pounds of gear.

Ken and Marcia Powers First to Through-hike the American Discovery Trail

The 4900 mile ADT bisects the continental US from east to west.

Markill Peak Illuminator Canister Lantern SPOTLITE REVIEW

A mantle-type canister fuel lantern that puts out lots of light, is silent, and gets good gas mileage

Tarptent Rainbow (Sneak Preview) SPOTLITE REVIEW

A free-standing Tarptent with side-entry, loads of headroom, and under two pounds!

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