SUL with My Kid Brother

Planning a 2-day, 20-mile trip with my 11-year-old brother meant going SUL, as he wasn't going to tolerate being babied with a lesser load.

September Around Mount Hood

Trip report and photo essay of a wildflower-filled circumnavigation of Oregon's famed peak.

State of the Market Report: Two-Person Double-Wall Tents (2010)

A lot of designers are moving to add lightweight options in their double-wall tent line-ups. Some have so many advantages and low weights that they may challenge the benefit of choosing a single-wall shelter!

The Effect of Cold on Gas Canisters

Ever tried to use your stove in the cold only to find that it just won't work, even although shaking the canister tells you there is plenty of fuel left? Then, when you check it at home to see what's the matter, it works perfectly. What is going on?

Philmont Redux: A Returning Scouter’s Report

Nearly 40 years after his first visit, Tom brought his son's Troop to experience the magic of Philmont - and the magic of lighter packs!

Fear and Loneliness on the Ozark Highlands Trail

The Ozark Highlands Trail winds through the Boston Mountains of northern Arkansas for approximately 165 continuous miles. Planning to yo-yo it for my first thru-hike, I had to come to terms with adjusted expectations.

Ex-Officio Give-N-Go Briefs Review

Most of us (males) want to wear something under our trousers, but what? Ordinary cotton underpants have several disadvantages: the waist band often conflicts with the hip-belt on the pack, and when they get wet they can take a very long time to dry. The Ex-Officio Give-N-Go Briefs largely solve those two problems.

SteriPEN Opti Review

The SteriPEN UV wands have been through several generations of development, reaching a very satisfactory state with this SteriPEN Opti unit.

Lightweight Internal Frame Packs: a State of the Market Report – Part 2: The Packs

A rundown of all the packs tested in the 2010 Lightweight Internal Frame Pack SOTM.

Hiking The Diablo Trail: A Conservation Success Story

In 1993, Save Mount Diablo, a charity that works to acquire and preserve land on and around the San Francisco Bay Area’s Mount Diablo, proposed a multi-use recreation trail to showcase the region’s cooperation efforts to preserve area land. In 2007, they produced the first map highlighting the thirty-mile trail.

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