Rain Pants State of the Market Report

A critical look at seven lightweight rain pants to keep you dry this spring.

Light and Fast Packs for Bikepacking

In Part 2 of our exploration of Lightweight Bikepacking, Dave reviews some notable packs and examines their utility for bikepacking.

Lightweight Bikepacking: An Introduction

"This kind of cycling actually brings you closer to the land than hiking... because you must read the landscape so closely in order to ride across it." -Drew Walker, “The Talkeetna Traverse” Adventure Cyclist (Jan/Feb 2001)

Success and Failure on the Colorado Trail

Planning like crazy to do a thru-hike doesn't quiet the fears: "Can I do this? Will my gear work? Will I stay motivated? Do I have the right food?" Only time on the trail would answer.

Tunnel Tents Tutorial and State of the Market Report – Part 3: The Mini-Reviews

Part 3 of this tutorial gives the details on the seven tunnel tents included in this report.

Tunnel Tents Tutorial and State of the Market Report – Part 2: Details and Commercial Models

Part 2 of this tutorial examines the specifics of tunnel tent design and functionality and lists the commercially available tents.

Tunnel Tents Tutorial and State of the Market Report – Part 1: Definition and Pitching

How tunnel tents work, why they can handle extreme weather, and how to pitch them under extreme conditions.

Sunshine Prepares for the Appalachian Trail

The Starbursts are packed. What else could they need?!

Indoor Girl Takes on a Yurt

Baby steps: out of love for her outdoorsy husband, Margie looks before she leaps and books a weekend in a Utah yurt, THEN learns the definition of "yurt."

Ultralight Waterproof Breathable Jackets: 2012 State of the Market Report

Part 2: Details on the ten jackets in the report.

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