The Outdoor Retailer Show is a twice-yearly convention focused on the outdoor store near you - your local outdoor retailer. It's a huge gathering where gear manufacturers pay big bucks to showcase their latest and greatest gear (in this case for spring 2010) to outdoor retailers and hopefully rake in lots of orders. It's also a great opportunity for the media (like yours truly) to prowl around and find out what's in the pipeline.

Outdoor Retailer comes a little earlier starting this summer - July 20-24 to be exact - and Backpacking Light will be there to report on gear of interest to lightweight backpackers. Our coverage will start with Open Air Demo on Monday, July 20, 2009 at Pineview Reservoir near Snowbasin. There will be lots of small booths there, where manufacturers will hawk their newest innovations, in hopes of luring us to their big booths at the main Show. But the biggest draw of Open Air Demo is the opportunity to actually try out the new gear. It's mainly about watercraft, and lots of them... which is why it's located on a reservoir! We get to demo lots of different boats and decide (for example) which Kevlar canoe we like best. Tough job!


Overview of ORSM planned coverage, 2009.

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