MontBell U.L. Alpine Down Hugger #3/#5 SPOTLITE REVIEW
Two features set the MontBell U.L. Alpine Down Hugger sleeping bags apart from most others; both of which strive to trap heat within the bag. First, the baffle seams on the inside of the bag are lined with thin elastic allowing the inside of the bag to hug close to your body. The second feature, as pictured above, is a cinchable foot section that allows you to shorten the bag’s length or trap your feet into their own booty-like section. In the picture above, my daughter enjoys the shorter, easier to heat space created by the foot section draw cord in her MontBell U.L Alpine Down Hugger #3.

Features and Specifications

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Jay Ham
Jay Ham started backpacking in 1990 and went lightweight in 1995. Wanting his children to experience and share in his love of the outdoors, he became obsessed with reducing the family's base weight to make backpacking with small children possible. He and his wife began designing and making much of their family's gear (including kid-sized frameless packs and top bags), as lightweight gear was scarce at the time. With a Masters in Soil Science, Jay now manages a 2.5 million acre Soil Survey project in remote Northern Arizona.

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