Kahtoola, known for their innovative traction systems, introduces their Flight Snow Travel System. Would you believe a snowshoe with a detachable binding that serves as a traction device by itself? You can hike on ice with the binding attached to your boots for extra traction. When you’re ready for snowshoe mode, you simply click the binding into place on the snowshoe deck and continue on. It’s fast and easy, and the decks (with or without bindings) are easy to carry on your pack. There’s also an insulated version of the binding which is actually an overshoe. Like the basic binding it also has traction cleats.

Kahtoola Flight Snow Travel System

The Kahtoola Flight Snow Travel System has two decks to choose from, the smaller Gypsy and the larger Flight.

Kahtoola Flight Snow Travel System

Two bindings are available, the plain Aces (left) and the insulated Flight (right). Each binding is equipped with its own crampons so it can be used as a traction device by itself. This photo shows the bottom of the Flight deck. The Flight boot will be available in 7 unisex sizes.

Kahtoola Flight Snow Travel System

The simple Aces binding (or insulated Flight boot) has a cleat on the bottom that clicks into a slot on the binding. You simply weight your foot to attach the binding, just like bicycle pedal cleats, and you’re off. To release the binding, simply pull on a “rip cord” cable and step off.

At 3 pounds 7 ounces (our measurement) per pair (Flight deck and Aces binding), is seriously light, packable, and versatile. The neoprene insulated boots weigh about 1 pound each.

Specifications and Features

  • Flight deck is 8 x 23 inches and weighs about 2 pounds 12 ounces/pair
  • Gypsy deck is 8.5 x 24 inches and weighs about 2 pounds 10 ounces/pair
  • Basic Aces binding weighs about 11 ounces/pair
  • Flight boot weighs about 2 pounds/pair
  • Aluminum alloy frame and crampons
  • MSRP: Flight or Gypsy deck $185/pair, Aces binding $99/pair, Flight boot $149/pair