Hiking Clothing Guide: An Overview of Ultralight Layering Systems

Keys to layering clothing for outdoor activity - keep it simple, light, and functional. This hiking clothing guide shows you how.

Amateur Backpacking Videography

Videography with an emphasis on the pursuit of the "perfect" shot and the ensuing editing can be time consuming, daunting, and distract from your trip. The author presents tactics to make it easier and record your adventures.

Negotiating the Permit System: Six Western US National Parks

Our National Parks are awe-inspiring places of beauty. Often the backcountry permitting can be a challenge. Don't let that stop you. Here are some tips to face the process with ease.

Can I Cook in my Tent?

Cooking in a tent has revolved around a stigma of gear destruction and personal harm. Cooking in a tent is not that dangerous and being responsible and aware of the hazards allows for safe cooking in a tent.

Lightweight Mealtime Routines for Group Cooking

Simplifying the process of planning, preparing, and cooking for groups in the wild.

The Updated Foot-Care Kit

While moleskin still is an effective means to treating hot spots and blisters, new technology is emerging that is far more effective at treating sore feet.

Technical Canyoneering for the Ultralight Backpacker

Canyoneering is challenging as it offers an opportunity to tackle a variety of terrain using new gear. Combining canyoneering with backpacking is a recipe for a legendary trip.

Still My Favorite Cook Kit

An Esbit cook system is very lightweight, fuel efficient, and ideal for warm-weather, solo cooking.

Training for Backpacking

Training for backpacking (a fun activity) need not be complicated or painful. Get in a routine and make each session count. Your long trips will thank you.

The Care and Feeding of Lindal Valves

Lindal valves are what makes your stove work (or not work). Their proper care can keep your stove running for years.

Learning to Packraft: Ten First Steps for Backcountry Travelers

This article identifies the first steps on a path to packrafting competence for those specifically interested in actually carrying their raft on their back into remote environments!

Overboots as Mukluks: Basecamp Footwear for Ski Mountaineers

Hardshell double boots, common amongst ski mountaineers using modern alpine touring or telemark equipment, make for miserable discomfort during extended stays in camp. Adding a pair of thin neoprene overboots at less than a pound allows one to kick off the plastics and enjoy basecamp slippers while keeping feet warm and dry in the coldest weather.

Lightweight Stove Systems for Group Cooking Part 3: Performance of Inverted Canister and White Gas Stoves For Boiling Water and Melting Snow at Subzero (F) Temperatures

A series of tests exploring the winter performance of inverted canister and integrated canister stove systems for large water volumes and snow melting.

Learn to Packraft! Episode 2: Stillwater Basics

Episode 2 of "Learn to Packraft!" provides an overview of stillwater packrafting gear and techniques.

Lightweight Stove Systems for Group Cooking Part 2: Exploring the Effects of Cold Temperatures, Canister Inversion, Snow Melting, and Heat Exchanger Systems

A series of tests exploring the winter performance of inverted canister and integrated canister stove systems for large water volumes and snow melting.

Avalanche Safety for Backcountry Travelers

The winter can make popular locations your personal sanctuary; however avalanche safety and preparation are crucial to enjoying the pristine conditions.

Simplifying Expedition Food With Single Serving Sized Packages

Single serving packages can simplify shopping, packaging, and preparation of meals.

Lightweight Stove Systems for Group Cooking Part 1: Basic Framework for Selecting A Cooking Pot and Predicting Fuel Needs

A series of tests exploring the winter performance of inverted canister and integrated canister stove systems for large water volumes and snow melting.

Backpacking With A Thermometer

A thermometer allows you to establish trends that relate temperature to how you feel while hiking and camping. This can lead to better preparation and execution in the field.

Backpacking With A Voice Recorder

A voice recorder is a great way to reflect on your journey without compromising safety or the experience.

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