Considering Minimalist Footwear for Backpacking

While it sounds romantic to be able to trek in hemp-strapped huaraches or five-toed skins, the reality of wild places and the limitations of your body’s biomechanics may necessitate a different type of minimalist footwear.

Tarp Camping Techniques for Inclement Conditions
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Backpacking and the Bruin Mind
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Staying Dry in a Bivy Sack: Techniques for Managing the Moisture Balance Between External Precipitation and Internal Condensation

This article was originally published in issue 7 of the Backpacking Light Print Magazine. It has since been revised and updated by the author for web publication.

Ultralight Baking

After a few days on the trail, dehydrated meals can get monotonous. A bit more variety is often desirable and freshly baked bread is a delicious and lightweight option.

Map and Compass: A City-girl Walks Western Wilderness
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Cleaning Up after a Backpacking Meal… using Honey?

A simple (and tasty) trick to keep your camp kitchen clean.

On-Trail Route Finding: When the Trail is Hard to Follow

"I've never been lost, but I was once a mite bewildered for a few days." - Daniel Boone

How Backpacking Light Has Helped Our Camp Fire Council Take Kids Backpacking

Developing a relationship with the outdoors and teaching others to do the same, introducing kids to the charm of the backcountry has a magic all its own.

BushBuddy Stove Tweaks

A few simple modifications to make your BushBuddy faster and even more covet-worthy!

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