Pitching a Tent in the Snow

Want to try tenting in the snow, but haven't done it before and not sure how? Haven't time in the evening to build a snow cave or an igloo just for one night? We walk you through the basics of what gear you need, how to choose a good site, how to create a platform, and how to pitch your tent (or a tarptent if you are brave).

Testimony: How I Fell for Lightweight Backpacking

Fate stepped in and pushed me down some steps in November 2006, breaking my fibula at the ankle, requiring surgical repair. I asked my surgeon if I could backpack the following summer, and he said "If you can get your pack down to thirty pounds, you can backpack." My lightweight journey was launched in earnest.

Vapor Barrier Liners

Backpacking Light's Andrew Skurka on Vapor Barrier Liners: What they are, how they work, and when to use them.

Spring Footwear: Lightweight Overboot & High Gaiter Systems for Keeping Feet Warm & Dry

Foremost among the challenges that spring hikers face is the presence of melting snow and the prospect of continuously wet feet. Ryan Jordan presents his two favorite footwear systems for cold or warm spring conditions.

Video: Have Fun and Avoid Drowning – A How-To for Packrafters

Highlights from the April 2008 Rescue 3 International Whitewater Rescue Technician course for packrafters held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Lightweight Testimony: Mother Nature Insisted I Go Light

Carol Crooker's essay on enlightenment shows that Mother Nature can be a pushy broad, but she gets the job done.

Not a Day on any Calendar

Backpacking Light's Wilderness Trekking School Photo Essay.

Lightweight Testimony: My Journey into Lightweight Backpacking

The true story of how Jamie survived in the woods with his paper coat.

Lightweight Testimony: Lighter, Farther, Faster

Steve Hinkle relays that carrying all the comforts of home ultimately made for a miserable trail experience, and how shedding "comforts" was actually more pleasant in the long run.

Staff Videocast: Cowboy Coffee

How do BPL Staffers stay warm, hydrated, and caffeinated in the backcountry?

Lightweight Testimony: Jim Sweeney’s Enlightenment via Lead Weights, Helium Balloons, and Yachting

"I guess I first realized my pack weight had to change when I was in intensive care recovering from a bad fishing trip."

A Passion Found, Lost, and Rediscovered

Lightweight Testimony: Tony Wong Finds, Loses, and Rediscovers a Lightweight Passion.

Gear Suited for Wet, Cold Weather Hiking

Cold & wet: really only good when it describes your dog's nose. But you can still be comfy in these conditions with the right (lightweight) gear.

Podcast: Journey on the Wild Coast – Maintaining Health and Preventing Injury

Erin and Hig discuss their minimal first aid kit and strategies for staying alive and well throughout a year of wilderness trekking.

When Things Go Wrong

Roger Caffin shares his adventure in misadventure.

Done in a Day

Kevin Sawchuk shares his how-to on fast day hikes, and his why-to, too.

Sandals for Summer Backpacking

Chris Townsend shares his sandal wearing experience.

Ditch Your Stakes: A Guide To Alternative Shelter Anchors

Mike Clelland! has gone stakeless!

Packraft Rating (PR) System

Roman Dial demystifies whitewater for the packrafter wanting to understand the natural progression of learning to packraft in the context of increasingly difficult whitewater.

An Ultralighter Paddles on the Dark Side: Packrafting a Remote Canyon “Heavy” Style

Packrafters need to limit their gear so it fits on the bow of their six-foot-long craft. This means dehydrated food for dinner, sleeping under a tarp and wearing wet clothes dry. What is river running like when big rafts haul the food and gear...Can an ultralight packrafter be enticed to the dark side?

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